Hvordan Jottacloud Foto fungerer sammen med din Jottacloud konto

Jottacloud Photos is a new user-experience designed for quick and easy viewing and sharing of photos and videos. Jottacloud will automatically collect all your photos and videos, from all your devices that are connected to Jottacloud, and display them in a easily accessible timeline and albums.

Jottacloud Photos will be available for all users, free of charge.

  • All your photos, from all your devices, shown in a single timeline
  • You can now organize your photos in albums
  • Sharing photos and albums has never been easier
  • Invite friends to add their photos to your shared albums
  • Albums are automatically created based on the location of where the photos were taken
  • Jottacloud Photos support most RAW file formats
  • No limits on file size or resolution


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