Backing up Photos & Videos on Android

In Jottacloud Photos for Android, the Photos tab a is list of all photos on your account, plus all photos stored locally on your Android device. They are all visible and sorted by time.

Jottacloud Photos can automatically back up local photos and videos to your Jottacloud accout where they are stored safely in their original quality and size.

How do I enable automatic backup on Android?

To enable automatic backup of photos and videos you can press the "Enable" button located on the top of the Photos timeline:

Or you can go to Settings and enable "Automatic photo backup (WIFI)":

Backing up for the first time on Android

Backing up your photos for the first time can take a long time, depending on your network speed and the number of photos and videos stored on your phone.

To make the initial backup run faster we recommend the following steps:

  1. Connect your phone to a charger
  2. Connect your phone to a wifi-network
  3. Open Jottacloud Photos and enable backup
  4. Leave your phone unlocked (display turned on) with the Jottacloud Photos app open

How do I know if a photo has been backed up?

When Jottacloud Photos discover a photo or video that has not been backed up, it displays a small badge that illustrate it is not stored in the cloud.

During backup, a spinning synchronize badge is displayed. Once the file has been safely backed up, this badge is removed.

Doze and App Standby

Starting from Android 6.0 (API level 23), Android introduces two power-saving features that extend battery life for users by managing how apps behave when a device is not connected to a power source. Doze reduces battery consumption by deferring background CPU and network activity for apps when the device is unused for long periods of time. App Standby defers background network activity for apps with which the user has not recently interacted.

Jottacloud Photos is optimized for Doze and App Standby, but background network activity can be reduced in these situations.

Deleting Photos - IMPORTANT

When you delete a photo in the Jottacloud Photos app, the photo(s) will be deleted from the Android device AND your Jottacloud account. 

When you Free Up Space in the Jottacloud Photos app, the photo(s) will be deleted from the Android device only. The photo(s) will still be stored on you Jottacloud Account and visible in Jottacloud Photos.

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