New website - overview of the new functions and changes (updated).

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. This update will affect the part of the website that users experience when logged into their account. The new website is rebuilt from the ground-up, redesigned to offer more functionality, a simpler and more streamlined user-experience and a modern design.


Synchronization, Backup and Sharing of data




Enjoy your pictures:

We have made it simpler to enjoy your images with improved previews and a new photo gallery. This makes it very easy to browse your stored memories.

We have also added support for raw format files, which will make life easier for photographers and other photo-enthusiasts!



Simpler sharing:

Users can now generate public links for both files and folders. This facilitates easier sharing of data with friends, family or colleagues.




Drag-and-drop functionality:

Now users can drag-and-drop files our folders into the webpage to upload them to Jottaclouds servers.



Synced files:

  • Here users will find all files and folders that they have stored in their Synch-folder locally, and any files and folders other users have shared with them.
  • These files and folders are automatically synched to all computers that are connected to the account. The data will not be automatically synched to mobile phones or tablets.
  • A copy of Synced folders can still be stored under "Archive” by using the new folder, copy and move functions, and this copy will not be affected by what you do with your synced files.



 Backed up files:

  • Here users will find all devices that are connected to their account in the cloud-service. Data that was stored in the Archive previously, can be accessed under the list of devices.
  • All the files and folders that are stored directly under the device list in Backed up files, can be deleted locally on the devices to free up space on a device.
  • A copy of Backed up folders can still be stored under "Archive” by using the new folder, copy and move functions, and this copy will not be affected by what you do with your backed up files.
  • Backup of computers works just the same way as before, and they are listed as devices under the category Backed up files. All data deleted locally from a computer, will also delete the data from Backed up files and move the data into the Trashbin.



 Shared files:

Here the users will find all the files and folders they have shared with others, and also files and folders others have shared with them.


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