Archive - How to(old webGUI):

PS! This guide is for users still using the old webGUI.
For user that are using the new webGUI the archive has been replaced with the more general functions copy, move and create new folder. Previously archived files can be found under the tab "Archive", and one can also archive more folders under "Archive" using the functions copy, move and create new folder.

You can switch between the old and new webGUI here.


Archiving in Jottacloud can only be done from the website, and you can only archive data that has already been uploaded to Jottacloud via Backup or the Syncfolder.

PS! Unfortunately it is not possible to archive top level folders at the moment, but you can archive any subfolders. That means that if you know you want to archive a lot of data, make an extra top level folder. Put all the folders you want to archive into this folder, it will make things easier. You could also use other similar folderstructures, but remember to create a top level folder, that does not contain any files. The subfolder which you then put into that toplevel folder should contain the files you want to archive.

Example: You make a top level folder called "Pictures". Into that folder you can add folder like "Pictures 2014" "Summerholiday '13" or whatever categorisation you would like.

*You can specify any directories you want. When you start the archiving process you are prompted to make a directory to store the files in. So if you type Pictures/Pictures2014 you will make a folder with that path. If you later want to archive more data into the same folder, you just type in the same path in the textfield of the prompt. Be careful that you type exactly the same name, or you will create a new directory. The paths you make here are case-sensitive.

Here's a step-by-step guide to arichiving:

1. Login to using your login credentials.
2. Click the storage point that you want to archive data from, in the left hand menu. This could be a computer, mobile device or the Jottacloud folder.
3. Click the folder that contains the subfolder you would like to archive
4. Tick the checkboxes in front of the subfolders you want to archive.
5. Click "Archive selected.." on the top of the page.
5. Depending on the size of the folder, you will soon find the folders you selected in the Archive.

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