How do I create Public Links?

To share a file through the Jottacloud client, open the "Restore" tab, and select the device and folder where the file is stored. Then you click "Get URL" to the right of the file name. Copy the URL from the prompt on screen, and send it to the recepients of the file.


It is also possible to share a file like this when one is logged into our webpage at

Select the device and folder by selecting from the left hand menu. You can now tick the checkboxes to the left of the files you want to share, then click "Share selected" on the top of the page. Sharing more than one file will pack the files into one .zip folder. If you just want to share one file, you can also click the little sharing icon(little chain). 

You will now get a prompt where you can choose to either copy the URL and send to the recipients however you like, or fill in the e-mailadresses of the recipients to send an e-mail with the link through Jottacloud.


When you are happy with your choice, click "Share and close".

Each public URL can be used 100 times, or until you end sharing manually. Remember to test the public URL's before you send them to your recipients.

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