How do I back up folders with Jottacloud?

Step 1: To open the Jottacloud Folder, double click on the Jottacloud icon on your desktop.

Step 2 – The following Window will open.

Step 3 - Add Folder – Click the “Backup” tab and drag folders into the open area.  You can also click “Add Folder” to browse for folders to add. 

When local folders and files are added to backup, Jottacloud will mirror the data on our server. If you delete one of these folders or files locally, Jottacloud will also delete the same items from Jottacloud’s server. Any data you want to store but do not want to continually back up should be archived from the web-application.  

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    Gabriel Vargas

    Please add this function on the android app. I am without a PC at the moment and want to backup an important folder.